Little Shop of Titans AU

I’m really obsessed with thehauntedboy's and my theatre au where Marco's the new guy who auditioned on a whim and snags Seymour and sings like an angel, and chorus boy Jean gets a huge dumb crush on him. Mikasa, Annie, and Sasha are the three chorus girls and Historia is audrey, Hange is audrey II (ok I know acoustics in a giant puppet are shit but leave me alone Hange's perfect), Reiner is Scrivello, Ymir is the stage manager who's dating Historia and cracks down on all the “suddenly seymour” jokes (if you've never been in a production of little shop - suddenly seymour goes more like “suddenly seymour is thrusting inside me, he's giving me orders I can't comprehend” etcetc). Anyway at the end, fellow chorus boy Eren goads Jean through the production into finally asking Marco out during strike.

bloody mary


By cotta


By cotta


u ever draw something and it looks REALLY GOOD and you’re like



did anyone else have trouble waterbending last night?

“From now on, instead of looking after me, you should be looking after Kaoru more.”
“But, being separated from Sentaro scares the hell out of me.”

Anonymous asked: "Can I marry your personified art style??? Hot hot hot ( ͡O ͜ʖ ͡O)"

Well, he is single *eyebrow wiggle*

Ookiku Furikabutte - Ren Mihashi / Pitcher / No.1

Anonymous asked: "i love your style your art is adorable and amazing"

Thank you so much

Track Title: Koi no Hime Hime☆Pettanko

Artist: Tamura Yukari

Album: 弱虫ペダル「ラブ☆ヒメ」


Just bull things. 


Just bull things. 

Anonymous asked: "Is that your first time drawing Connie? Because that was SOOOOO CUTE!!! LIKE CUTE OVERLOAD"

I’ve only ever drawn Connie once or twice, which is just a darned shame, especially since I’m going to marry him.  I need to draw him more.


Anonymous asked: "Sorry to take up your time but I need help. On Lownly's blog the button to get to her ask box doesn't show up for me anymore. I thought she just got rid of it for some peace and quiet, but shes started posting asks again and the button is still gone for me. Is this just me?"

It’s on the navigation drop down menu near the bottom left o: