I’m gonna be on a short tumblr hiatus and Zury will be taking care of this blog.  I’ll still be on twitter and possibly Skype.

Peace out, my buddies!


cool it comes with a free refill 

Anonymous asked: "NO I MEAN WHICH R U GON USE???? ZBRUSH???? MUDBOX???????????"


Anonymous asked: "are you telling me kinky Marco isn't already canon"

You know what, you’re right.  My favorite episode was the one where he gave Jean private lessons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anonymous asked: "ZBRUSH??????? MUDBOX?????????????????????"

Zbrush and Mudbox are digital sculpting tools for 3D stuff.  You can create textures and paint stuff in the programs.

Anonymous asked: "An AU that features Marco as the perfect freckled Jesus we all know and love, that's friends with everyone, that everyone loves, that no one could hate. No one but Jean because he knows Marco isn't as perfect as everyone thinks. Marco's always very content, the only thing he lets bother him is nonconsensual physical contact. Other than that, he's all smiles and is unphased by all things. Jean love/hates it and is the only one that notices Marco's passive aggressive nature behind all the smiles."

What if instead of passive aggression, Marco is just a kinky bastard

marco’s butt tho

Anonymous asked: "A werewolf AU with Jean and Marco starting off with Marco scared and Jean being incredibly passive aggressive, then they become friends, and eventually they start dating. The catch being that the dominant one is not the sexy wolf beast Jean, it's Marco. Jean gets less aggressive and more nervous around Marco as they get closer and Jean is more of a lost puppy than a ferocious wolf. Little red riding Marco is more or less fearless about werewolves because he knows that Jean's just a pissbaby."

Uwaaaahhhh I’m not a fan of passive aggression, but I do love everything else, yes.

Anonymous asked: "AU where Marco is at the library using the computer and get's a pop up saying to click it to download a ghost. Marco laughs (quietly cause it's a library) and clicks it just for shits and giggles and he downloads Jean the ghost and Jean is like "Sup dude" and just starts following him around and messing with people and stuff. Like Marco opens up a word document on his computer and Jean starts ghost writing stuff in it. Or Marco opens his laptop in class and Jean made it so it opens to gay porn"

(con) jokes on Jean ghost though Marco is hella gay so he bookmarks it for later and then closes it as fast as possible. Jean just sort of showing up in Marco’s skype calls in the background, or taking over typing like Marco and Eren are skyping cause they are bros and Jean is a jealous lil shit like “Pay attention to me Marco not this jerkass” and starts typing all anger at Eren, and Eren is like “Control your ghostie Marco god” or something. IDK I just really love ghost Jean and alive Marco

Oh my god

Anonymous asked: "ooooh mon dieu he frick frackles the werewolf. He fricks the werewolf oh mon dieu screw Twilight, and forget DMMD this fic has it covered ooooh moooon diiiieeeeuuuuu"

(cont.)B-but… oh mon dieu okay so now he is one also but why is there only two parts? There should clearly be another part if not more? What happens next?!?! Oh mon dieu, no this can’t be it, it’s not possible that there is not a third part. This can not be happening, oh mon dieu. This little red riding dick au is wild jesus….

Bahaha, it’s okay, anon!  There might be a future part if I get in the mood to write <:

Anonymous asked: "Aw, your little bro is a true champion. I have no one irl to talk about JeanMarco or fanfic/fanart, so my emotions over all this are bottled up something fierce. I was wrecked over Forget Me Not and Sunflowers and was just like, 'don't mind me. I made myself sad but haha pay it no mind I'm actually ok just...a healthy very very strong form of sad.'"

Aw, anon.  You’ve got this fandom to give you plenty of hugs and to talk about stuff with <:





I’m proud of my little brother, he can identify Marco! (❁´◡`❁)


there’s my contribution to tahnorra week 2014 ( / o 3 o )/


there’s my contribution to tahnorra week 2014 ( / o 3 o )/

Anonymous asked: "zBrush or Mudbox????"

We’re not that far in class yet ;v;